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            Welcome to the website of shandong bojun intelligent technology co., LTD.
            • Professional

              Deal with everything on the job with professional knowledge, skill and spirit

            • Sincerity

              Sincere, honest and trustworthy. Be a man in advance

            • Collaboration

              The good operation of an enterprise requires a spirit of cooperation and cooperation

            • innovate

              Only when innovation bears rich fruits can excellence be achieved and competition be won

            ABOUT US
            Bojun intelligent technology

            Shandong bojun intelligent technology co., ltd. is a professional research and development of new energy control system of electric forklift manufacturers, the company's products electric forklift, lithium electric forklift, cross-country forklift, internal combustion forklift, small excavator, loader, two busy, our electric forklift price concessions reasonable.

            Telephone number:15854508777
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